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Jacob Jordaens (I)

print artist, painter, draftsman, designer
In respect of Jordaens' capacity as a designer of tapestries the Inventory of Michiel Wauters of 16-10-1679 is of great significance: there we find an enumeration of the cartoons that Wauters bought from the inventory of Jordaens (E. Duverger, Antwerpse Kunstinventarissen, vol. 10 [1999] no. 3441, p. 497)
South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1593-05-19
Baptized on 20 May in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. Dirck de Moij was his godfather and Elisabeth van Driel his godmother
Antwerp 1678-10-18
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Grandson of Pieter Jordaens and Anne Faulx; oldest son of Jacob Jordaens (lakenkoopman = cloth dealer) and Barbara van Wolschaten (baptized in St. Walburga *6-2-1569) (married ~ 2-9-1590 in Our Lady’s Cathedral) Jacob had a great many brothers and sisters: : 1) Anne (*7-5-1595), 2) Marie (*20-10-1596), 3) Anna (* 21-12-1597); 4) Catharina (nun, *20-12-1600, still alive in 1671); 5) Magdalena (beguine, *25-7-1603- +25-4-1667); 6) Elisabeth (* 1-12-1605); 7) Abraham (monk, *24-6-1608 - + ? in Antwerpen); 8) Isaac (*24-6-1608) (~ 29-9-1635 married with Catharina de La Port); 9) Susanna (*27-2-1610); 10) Elisabeth (*24-8-1613, beguine in Breda [1632] - + Breda 21-7-1645) From th marriage of 8) [Isaac and Catharina] Arnolf Frans (*17-9-1635) , 1653 pupil with Jacob I, 1664 free master, Jacob's uncle Simon (brother of Jacob, his father) (*25-9-1564) married ~ January 1592 with Maria De Bodt, with whom he got eight children 1. Anna (*15-11-1592); 2) Anna (*18-10-1593); 3) Elisabeth (*24-6-1595) married with Pieter Goetkint; 4) Catharina (*20-8-1597), married with Pieter van den Broeck; 5) Simon (*4-4-1600); 6) Jacob (*30-6-1603), married with Susanna Goris; 7) Maria (*31-1-1608) . Jacob married 15-5-1616 with Catharina van Noordt (* 24-2-1595 - + 17-4-1659), daughter of Adam van Noordt . They had three children:: 1) Elisabeth (*26-6-1617 - + 18-10-1678, one hour after her father) ; 2) Jacob (II) (* 2-7-1625 - + after 1650 in Denmark); 3) Anna (* 23-10-1629) [lit. Génard 1852. NB: dates of birth are almost always dates of baptism, which implies that the actual date of birth can be a different date)
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  • Antwerpen 1607 - 1615
    1607 pupil with Adam van Noordt; accepted as free master ('waterscilder'.) in the Guild of St.Luke's Married on 15 May with Catharina, oldest daughter of his master Adam van Noort
  • 1620-09-28
    dean of he Guild of St.Luke's
  • 1634 - 1635
    worked under Rubens on the decoration of the Pompa Introitus of the Cardinal-Infant Ferdinand
  • 1636
    worked under Rubens on the decoration of the Torre de la Parada, Madrid
  • 1649 - 1652
    worked on his assignement for the 'Oranjezaal' in the Hague; painted 35 paintings for Queen Christina of Sweden
  • 1654 - 1660
    painted 12 scenes of the Passion of Christ for king Carl Gustavus of Sweden
  • Nederland 1660
    receives the command to paint the history of 'Claudius Civilis'for the Amsterdam City Hall on Dam square; stays in Utrecht and Amsterdam
  • 1670
    together with his daughter Elisabeth and two maids admitted to partake in the Supper in the Calvinist congregation of Antwerp
  • 1678-10-18
    Jordaens and his daughter Elisabeth die and are buried in Putte, over the border in the Northern Netherlands, on the Calvinist cemetery
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carpet design
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