Engel van der Kabel

painter, draftsman
There is a drawing of a seated boy with bellows attributed to Adriaen van der Kabel, which is also attributed to Engel van der Kabel under reserve (Paris, Musée du Louvre: Lugt 1929-1933, vol. 1, no. 213) ; no painted work by him is known with certainty.
North Netherlandish
Rijswijk (Zuid-Holland) 1640/1641
He was 30 years old on April 28, 1671. According to Hoogewerff 1952 he came from Rijswijk.
Lyon 1696
after 1696 (when he was last mentioned as a member of the guild)
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son of Cornelis Jansz van der Touw and Maertje Philipsdr.; younger brother of Adriaen van der Kabel; he married to Anne Bourguet in Lyon in 1671 and abjured the reformed religion. THe had a son, Adrian, born in 1672 (Rondot 1888).
Biographical information
Active in
  • Rome 1660 - 1668
    In February 1665, he and his brother Adriaen were mentioned in a police report due to quarrels and fights in the 'osteria del Cavaletto' between February and August 20, 1665 (Caracciolo 2000, p. 96-97); from this report we know that he arrived in Rome in the course of 1660 with his brother Adriaen, who was ten years older (Schatborn 2001, p. 171)
  • Lyon 1668 - 1696
    He was in France from 1668, together with his brother Adriaen. On April 28, 1671, at the age of 30, he converted to the Roman Catholic faith and married Anne Bourguet that same day. In 1672, 1677, 1681 and 1696 he is mentioned as a board member ('Maître-Garde') and 'Maître de métier' of the Guild in Lyon (Saur 1997).
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fruit piece
according to Thieme/Becker painted fruit still lifes
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