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Joost van den Vondel

playwright, poet, shopkeeper
North Netherlandish (school), German
Keulen 1587-11-17
Amsterdam (city) 1679-02-05
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Son of Joost van den Vondel sr. (died 1608) and Sara Cranen (c.1565-1637), both from Antwerp. Married in Amsterdam on 20 November 1610, father of Joost II (1612-1659).
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  • Keulen 1587
    born on the Grosse Witschgasse from mennonite parents from Antwerp; when the mennonites were expelled from Cologne in 1595 the family drifted through Germany and ended up in the Republic
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Bremen
  • Emden
  • Utrecht (stad)
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1610 - 1679
    His father earned citizenship ('poorter') on 27 March 1597 and settled as a silk merchant. Although he had no formal training in the Latin School, he learned to read and write perfect Dutch and French in the circle of like-minded people from Antwerp, that his parents belonged to and Latin as a self-taught. Member in 1606 of the chamber of rhetoric 't Wit Lavendel (The White Lavender). He was also baptized as a Mennonite in 1606. In 1607 (death of his father) he joined the silk firm(mostly selling stockings) in the Warmoesstraat. 1610 marriage to Mayken de Wolff, from their children only two survived. Between 1620-1626 he suffered from melancholia (depression). His conversion to Roman Catholicism c. 1641 is still somewhat of a mystery (did the widower fall in love witha Catholic woman?). Despite his fervent catholicism he remained on the side of religious toleration all his life, bringing him into opposition to the governing Calvinistic elite, which did his career not much good. H was nevertheless much honoured by many fellow poets and intellectuals when he died.
  • Kopenhagen 1657
    Vondel visited, among others, Karel van Mander III and the Spanish ambassador and poet Bernardino de Rebolledo (Roding 2014).
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