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Peter the Great - Emperor of All Russia

male / Russian
king, art collector
was Tsar from 1682 until 1721 and until his death in 1725 Emperor of Russia
Moskou 1672-06-09
Sint-Petersburg (Russia) 1725-02-08
Family relationships
this field records any family relationship to one or more other artist(s).
son of Aleksej of Russia; grandson of Michaël I of Russia
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In this field, you will find references to names of groups or to the artists that made/make up groups. You may also come across references to other artists if there was/is question of collaboration without a joint name. This is the case, for instance, with artists who rendered parts of works by other artists (such as with P.P Rubens and J. Brueghel I).
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1682 - 1724
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