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Jan Jacobsz. Hinlopen

painting collector, trader, schepen, military personnel
was project developer, city counselor (1661), ensign and lieutenant in the civic militia (1655 and 1657)
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1626-05-10
Amsterdam 1666-09-04
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son of Jacob J. Hinlopen (1582-1629) and Sara de Wael (1591-1652); brother of the collector Jacob J. Hinlopen (1621-1679); married in Amsterdam on 3 April 1657 to 1) Leonora Huydecoper (1631-1663) and 2) in Amsterdam on 6 January 1665 to Lucia Wijbrants (1638-1719); father of Sara Hinlopen (1660-1749)
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