Bernhard Keil

male / Danish, Italian
painter, draftsman
Danish, Italian
Danish history and genre painter active in Holland and Italy; His mother was Flemish, with relatives in Amsterdam, his father German.
Helsingør 1624
Rome 1687-02-03
buried in in Cappella San Canuto, Santa Maria Traspontina
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son of the German painter Casper Keil who was employed by the Danish king Christian IV (Saur 2013)
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Active in
  • Kopenhagen 1636 - 1642
    Trained from the age of 12 by the court painter Morten van Steenwinkel and remaining in Copenhagen until the age of 18; No artworks are known from this period (Saur 2013, p. 517).
  • Amsterdam 1642 - 1651
    At the age of 18, in 1642, he went to relatives of his mother in Amsterdam; 1642-1644 pupil of Rembrandt; 1645-1648 in the survice of the art dealer Hendrick Uylenburgh; 1649-1651 independant (Lammertse/Van der Veen 2006); according to Saur 2013 Keil already had his own workshop in Amsterdam in 1645 where he taught students.
  • Keulen 1651
    visited Cologne in 1651 on his way to Rome (Saur 2013, p. 517)
  • Mainz 1651
    visited Mainz in 1651 on his way to Rome (Saur 2013, p. 517)
  • Frankfurt am Main 1651
    visited Frankfurt in 1651 on his way to Rome (Saur 2013, p. 517)
  • Augsburg 1651
    visited Augsburg in 1651 on his way to Rome (Saur 2013, p. 517)
  • Venetië 1651-05-31 - 1654
    He arrived in Venice on 31 May 1651. In Venice he received commissions from German patrons as well as senator Giovanni Carlo Savorgnan who ordered him to decorate his newly built palace and who became his maecenas. In Venice Keil changed his first name from Bernhard into Bernardo (Saur 2013, p. 517).
  • Bergamo 1654 - 1656
    Keil accompanied his maecenas Savorgnan in 1654 to Bergamo and travelled extensively during the following two years, visiting Milan, Forlì, Ferrara and Ravenna, where he worked for a short period for Cardinal legate Acquaviva, resigning due to his refusal to convert to Roman Catholicism (Saur 2013, p. 517).
  • Milaan
    Saur 2013, p. 517
  • Ravenna
    Saur 2013, p. 517
  • Forlì
    Saur 2013, p. 517
  • Rome 1656-03-31 - 1687
    Keil arrived in Rome on 31 March 1656, where he remained until his death in 1687 except for a trip to Milan and Bergamo where he a.o. painted fresco's for the cloister of San Bartolomeo (Saur 2013, p. 517)
  • Bergamo
    Saur 2013, p. 517
  • Milaan
    Saur 2013, p. 517
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allegory, genre, Christian religious scene
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