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Willem van der Hoeven

sculptor, actor, playwright, poet
wrote a poem on Melchior d' Hondecoeter and on Jacob de Heusch after his death. When Cornelis Troost painted his portrait in 1724 he was also the owner of a coffee house.
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam (city) 1653-02/1653-02-25
baptized 25 February 1653
Amsterdam (city) 1727
Family relationships
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son of the innkeeper and art dealer Michiel Verhoeven (Haarlem ca. 1628-1680) and Annetje Thijsen (Dudok van Heel 1973). He married Elysabeth Gil or Gheyl (1643-1698) 24 April 1671 in Amsterdam.
Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1668 - 1727
    operator of coffee house "De drie Kroontjes" in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam
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