Albert von Keller

male / Swiss, German
Swiss, German
Gais (Switzerland) 1844-04-27/1845-04-27
München 1920-07-14
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Son of Caroline Keller in Gais/Schweiz, with whom he lived till her death in 1873; married in 1878 with Irene von Eichthal. She died 1907, following the death of their son Balthasar in 1906
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  • München 1854 - 1882
    Settled with his mother in Munich, where he visted his schools till 1865, when he started his own studio and visited the Royal Academy (on and off); 1869 first participation in an exhibition (1st International Exhibition in the Glass-Palast), 2nd exhibition 1879; 1873 founding meber of the artist's association ' Allotria'
  • Parijs 1882 - 1883
    While working in Paris he had his own Studio; participated in the Autum salon 1883
  • München 1883 - 1920-07-16
    After exhibitions in Berlin (1886) and London (1891), he left the Münchener Kunstverein and became a founding member of the Münchener Sezession; in 1905 a great solo-exhibition in the Kunstverein to honor his 60th birthday in the Glass-Palast; in 1908 a great exhibition in the Sezession (150 paintings); during the new ordening of the Neue Pinakothek, three walls are reserved for 15 workd by von Keller, while exhibiting at the Kunsthaus Haberstock in Berlin in the same time
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Christian religious scene, genre, history (as a genre), portrait
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