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Mary Stuart (II)

female / English
queen, art collector, patron, amateur watercolorist
Before she ascended to the throne, Queen Mary Stuart II (in addition to creating artfully with the embroidery needle) also painted in water colours, to which end she had reserved certain hours daily (Houbraken 1719, p. 229). Reigned as Queen over England and Ireland from February 13, 1689, and as Queen of Scotland (as Mary II of Scotland) from April 11, 1689 until her death; after her death in 1694 her husband, William III, continued to rule only as William III of England.
London (England) 1662-04-30
St. James's Palace
London (England) 1694-12-28
died of smallpox at Kensington Palace
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daughter of James II of England; wife and niece of Stadholder William III Prince of Orange; the couple married in London on 4 November 1677; no issue. Not to be confused with Maria Henriëtte Stuart (1631-1660), wife of Stadholder William II.
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