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Lucas van Uffelen

art collector, merchant
On the auction of his estate (late 1639) Rembrandt made a drawing (RKD, no. 292532) of the portrait of Baldassare Castiglione by Raphael (RKD, no. 292531). Probably an auction catalogue existed but there are no copies known (Van de Berghe 1992).
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1586-03/1586-03-07
baptized in the Old Church 7 March 1586
Amsterdam 1638-05/1638-05-10
buried 10 May 1638 in the Westerkerk
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son of Hans and Angniet van Uffel
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  • Venetië 1615 - 1635
    from 1615 on; imported wool from Spain to Venice; half way through the 1630's he came into financial difficulties with the Venetian authorities and moved to Amsterdam (Logan 1991)
  • Amsterdam 1635 - 1638-05-05
    He lived there on the Westermarkt/corner Keizersgracht till his death, on or before 5 May 1638 (Logan 1991)
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