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Founders Van Ravensteijn and Van Beijeren focused mainly on conceptual art, minimalism and Land art. In the 1970s and the first half of the 1980s, the gallery acted as one of the junctures for international conceptual art. Halfway during the 1980s, the focus shifted more towards Dutch artists. With every exhibition, they published a bulletin, which they considered as important as the exhibition itself. The periodical was published under the name Art & Project between September 1968 and November 1989 (156 publications with 800 prints each). The first publications of Art & Project mainly consisted of the gallery's exhibition announcements, but along the way the publication became more and more of an art work itself. It was distributed for free all over the world (Gubbels 1999, p. 90). In 1995 the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, in collaboration with Van Beijeren and Van Ravensteijn, hosted the exhibtion 'Art & Project. De Amsterdamse jaren 1968-1989'. In the 1990s, the gallery merged with Galerie Wim van Krimpen and continued under the name Van Krimpen/Art & Project (Collection of Press Documentation).
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The gallery was founded by Adriaan van Ravesteijn and Geert van Beijeren.
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Period of activity
1968 - 2001
start date 1968, the gallery closed in 2001 (NRC Handelsblad, 20-08-2008)
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1968-09 - 1971
    Richard Wagnerstraat 8; the gallery was located in a room and the hallway of Van Ravensteijn's childhood home (Gubbels 1999, p. 90).
  • Amsterdam 1971-04-24 - 1973
    Van Breestraat 18 (Jan van Adrichem 2005, p. 40)
  • Antwerpen 1973 - 1974
    Mechelsesteenweg 113; Art & Project/ MTL
  • Amsterdam 1984 - 1985
    Planciusstraat 9A; Art & Project/depot
  • Amsterdam 1973 - 1978
    Willemsparkweg 36
  • Amsterdam 1979 - 1989
    Prinsengracht 785
  • Slootdorp (Wieringermeer) 1989 - 2001
    Nieuwesluizerweg 42
  • Rotterdam 1991 - 1993
    Westersingel 83; joined gallery with Wim van Krimpen in the former gallery of Fenna de Vries (Gubbels 1999, p. 130).
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land art, minimal art, conceptual
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