Antonio Ruffo

male / Italian
art collector, nobleman, patron
Ruffo was an important Sicilian politician with a social network that reached many cities in Europe. He collected silver, coins ans paintings, including Netherlandish. He commissioned Rembrandt 3 paintings: Aristotle with the bust of Homer (1653), Alexander the Great (1661) and a seated Homer, teaching two pupils (1663). Ruffo also possessed many of his etchings (189). Furthermore, his 1678 inventory mentions tapestries after design of Rubens (the story of Achilles), and he had work of Abraham Casembroot, Van Dyck, Jordaens and Paul Bril. Ruffo was also in contact with Cornelis de Wael and Abraham Breughel.
Messina (city) 1610/1611
was probably born in Messina or the Castle Bagnara in 1610 or 1611 (Giltaij 1999, p. 13)
Messina (city) 1678-06-16
Giltaij 1999, p. 13
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