Pietro Aretino

male / Italian
author, poet, art critic
Arezzo 1492-04-20
Venice 1556-10-21
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Although Aretino was the son of an Arezzo shoemaker, he later pretended to be the natural son of a nobleman and derived his adopted name ('the Aretine') from that of his native city (his real name is unknown).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Arezzo
  • Perugia 1510 - 1517
    While still very young, he went to Perugia and painted for a time.
  • Rome 1517 - 1525
    moved on to Rome in 1517, where he wrote a series of viciously satirical lampoons supporting the candidacy of Giulio de’ Medici for the papacy (Giulio became Pope Clement VII in 1523). Despite the support of the pope and another patron, Aretino was finally forced to leave Rome because of his general notoriety and his 1524 collection of Sonetti lussuriosi ('Lewd Sonnets'). He gave himself the nick-name 'flagello dei principe' (scourge of princes). His attacks were especially vicious against the Romans (Ragionamenti), as they forced him to flee to Venice.
  • Venetië 1527
    From Rome he went to Venice, where he became the object of great adulation and lived in a grand and dissolute style for the rest of his life. One of Aretino’s closest friends in Venice was the painter Titian, for whom he sold many paintings to Francis I, king of France; the great gold chain that Aretino wears in Titian’s portrait (c. 1545; Pitti Palace, Florence) was a gift from this king.
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