François Ier de France

male / French
king, patron, art collector
king of France 1515-1547
Cognac (France) 1494-09-12
born at the Château de Cognac
Rambouillet (France) 1547-03-31
The Castle of Rambouillet
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son of Charles, count of Angoulême and Louise of Savoy. On 18 May 1514, he was married to Claude, daughter of Louis XII and Anne of Brittany. When Louis XII died on 1 January 1515, he became king of France
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  • Frankrijk 1515 - 1547
    During his reign he was a staunch patron of art and letters: through him (and his mother) the Italian Renaissance came to France; he was also instrumental in codifying the French language and declaring it the official languege for State business (1539). His whole life he had to fight the emperor Charles V and the Habsburg encirclement of France. After an initial interest in Lutheranism, he turned a fervent prosecutor of them after 1534 however, bringing the pyre, devastation and death to his kingdom, exiling thousands of Protestants, the most notorious/famous one being John Calvin. He died on his son's 28th birtday, who succeeded him as Henri II.
  • Fontainebleau
  • Milaan
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