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Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici

female / Italian
art collector, patron, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting
Through her fault there was an exchange of art between the courts in Dusseldorf and Florence. As were paintings by Raphael, Andrea del Sarto, Domini Chino and Federico Barocci to Germany, while the Medici collections were complemented with paintings by Flemish and Dutch painters. Some names: Jan Frans van Douven, Bartholomeus van Douven, Godfried Schalcken, Frans van Mieris (I), Adriaan van der Werff, Jan van Kessel, Peeter Neeffs, Frans Francken (II), Dirck van den Bergen, Theodor Verkruys, Nicolaes Berchem and Pieter Mulier. Back in Florence (1716), she was the originator of many artists. Anna Maria Luisa arranged in her will that all property of the family de 'Medici would accrue to the Florentine state, provided that none of those possessions ever allowed to leave Florence.
Florence 1667-08-11
Florence 1743-02-18
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Daughter of Cosimo III de' Medici and Margaret Louise of Orleans, sister of Ferdinando III de' Medici and Gian Gastone de 'Medici. In 1691 she married the Elector Johann Wilhelm von der Pfalz-Neuburg. After his death she returned to Florence (1716). As childless heiress of the Medici dinasty she willed all the personal property of the Medici's to the Tuscan state, provided that nothing was ever removed from Florence.
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1687 - 1743
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