Carl Theodor - Kurfürst von der Pfalz und Bayern

male / German
dignitary, noble, art collector, painting collector, drawing collector, print collector
Karl Theodor collected o.a. drawings by Old Masters, like Rembrandt, Mantegna, Rafaël, Titian, the Caracci, Rubens and Watteau. His collection was partly exhibited in Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf in 1988 and in Museum the Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam in 2002. In 1758 he founded the Art Academy in Mannheim.
Drogenbos 1724-12-11
Nymphenburg 1799-02-16
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son of Johann Christian Joseph von der Pfaltz-Sulzbach (1700-1733) and Marie Anne Henriëtte Leopoldine de la Tour d'Auvergne; in 1742 he married Elisabeth Aloysia Auguste von Sulzbach (1721-1794)and a second time in 1795 with Maria Leopoldine, Archduchess von Österreich-Este (1776-1848). As the bridegroom was 71 and the bride 18, she refused to have any physical contact with the Elector. Instead she seems to have amused herself with younger lovers (see Wikipedia German). Therefore this Wittelsbach succession died out in 1799, after which the Pfalz-Zweibrücken line took over as Electors of Bavaria.
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Active in
  • Brussel
    After the early death of his mother, he spent his childhood with his greatgrandmother Marie Henriette von Arenberg.
  • Mannheim 1733 - 1777
  • Leuven
    studied in Leuven and in Leiden
  • Leiden
  • München 1777 - 1799
    At the death of Elector Maximilan III Joseph of Bavaria (1712-1777) this branch of the Wittelsbach died out. Karl Theodor succeeded him as Elector of Bavaria and took up residency in Munich. His collection of prints and drawings forms the nucleus of the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung now in Munich.
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