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Vincenzo Giustiniani

male / Italian
banker, painting collector, antique dealer, patron, art theorist
Giustiniani was one of the discoverers of Caravaggio and had 15 paintings of him in his possession. At his death, his collection contained more than 300 paintings and 1200 sculptures. In 1720, many sculptures were sold to Thomas Herbert (8th Earl of Pembroke). At the beginning of the 19th century his collection became more widespread. A large part of the paintings was bought by the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III, so that they can now be seen in German museums. Giustiniani was a friend of Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte and Caravaggio's principal client. Gerson mentions Giustiniani as commissioner of Cornelis Bloemaert, Theodoor Matham, Reinier van Persijn and Nicolas Régnier. All these artists could live in the Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome. Gerrit Honthorst painted the picture 'Christ before Caiaphas', now in the National Gallery in London. In his 'Discorso sopra la pittura' Giustiniani examines, among other things, the difference in technique between the Italian and the Dutch way of landscape painting. As far as the Dutch variant is concerned, he mentions distinguished painters such as Herri met de Bles, called Civetta, Pieter Bruegel and Paul Brill. He was also a patron of Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin.
Chios (dept./island) 1564-09-13
Rome 1637-12-27
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brother of Cardinal Benedetto Giustiniani
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  • Rome 1586 - 1637
    In 1606 he made a long journey through Italy and Northern Europe, visiting a.o. the cities Maastricht, Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in the Netherlands.
  • Maastricht 1606
  • Leuven 1606
  • Brussel 1606
  • Antwerpen 1606
  • Gent 1606
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titles: 'Discorso sopra la pittura, Discorso sopra la scultura' and 'Discorso sopra l' architettura '. These texts were written in letter form to the Dutch lawyer Theodor (Dirck) Ameyden. Title: Discorso sopra la musica (1628). Title: Galleria Giustiniana (synthesis of his collection of antique pieces), catalog in two parts with etchings. Artists who participated in this were Cornelis Bloemaert, Theodore Matham and Michel Natalis. A 'Diario di viaggio di Vincenzo Giustiniani' (title) also appeared, written by his secretary Bernardo Bizoni.
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