Giovanni Battista Pamphilj

male / Italian
art collector, cardinal, jurist
Cardinal from 1629 to 1644; elected as Pope Innocentius X in 1644. He started a large collection of artworks in the Palazzo Pamphili in Rome, the current Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. Beside many famous Italian masters, Pamphilj collected work by Flemish painters such as: Jan Brueghel I, Paul Bril, Jan Gossaert, Jan van Scorel, Jan Lievens, Davied Teniers II, Jan Baptist Weenix and Herri met de Bles. This collection is still in private hands.
Rome 1574-05-06
Rome 1655-01-07
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son of Camillo Pamphilj and Maria Cancellieri del Bufalo
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