Carlo Emanuele di Savoia (III)

male / Italian
art collector, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, patron, noble
Reigned from 1730 to 1773. He added many new paintings to the collection that he inherited from his ancestors. He also inherited paintings from the collection of Prince Eugene of Savoy, who died unmarried and childless. When Eugene's sole heir, princess Vittoria (only daughter of Eugene's older brother and a non-noble woman) quickly started to sell the collection for breakdown prices, Carlo Emanuele gave his ambassador in Milan the commission to buy as many as possible, a.o. the great series of battle-scenes by Jan van Huchtenburg). This collection included many works by Flemish and Dutch painters. Because of this, the Galleria Sabauda contains the largest collection 16th and 17th century Flemish paintings in Italy. In 1731 he established a tapestry studio in Turin. Jan Peeter Verdussen painted many of his military victories.
Turin 1701-04-27
Turin 1773-02-20
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son of Vittorio Amedeo (1666) and Anna Maria d'Orléans (oldest daughter of Philippe d'Orléans and Henrietta Stuart); married in 1722 to 1) Anna Christina Louise of Palatine-Sulzbach (1704-1723), in 1724 to 2) Polyxena of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburg and in 1737 to 3) Elisabeth Thérèse de Lorraine; father (he had 9 children) with his second spouse of Victor Ammadeus III
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