Carlo Emanuele di Savoia (II)

male / Italian
Turin 1634-06-20
Turin 1675-06-12
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Son of Victor Amadeus I and Christina of France, his maternal grandparents were Henry IV of France and his second wife Marie de' Medici; married to 1) Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans and 2) Maria Giovanna Battista de Nemours. His son was Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia, future King of Sicily and later Sardinia
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  • Turijn 1638 - 1675
    In 1638 at the death of his older brother Francis Hyacinth, Duke of Savoy, Charles Emmanuel succeeded to the duchy of Savoy at the age of 4. He became extreemely notorious for his violent persecution of the Waldensians, who he had massacred in 1655: the guerilla war towards the protestants went on under his successor till 1690, forcing the Romans Catholic belief on the entire population.
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