Isabella d' Este

female / Italian
art collector, patron, musician
Having had a humanist education in Ferrara, Isabella d’Este became Marchioness of Mantua by marrying Francesco (II) Gonzaga. She collected antique sculpture and commissioned art in antique style, exhibited in her ‘grotta’. Rafaël, Leonardo da Vinci and many other artists, scholars and musicians visited her court. Moreover, to accommodate her collection of books, she composed a studiolo, containing works by Andrea Mantegna, Perugino, Lorenzo Costa and Correggio . An inventory exists summing up al her whole collections, called the Codice Stivini (after the notary, Odoardo Stivini, who was appopinted for this task in 1542). According to Stefania Bedoni, Isabella possessed c. 100 Flemish paintings in 1535, bought directly from Flemish artists (Bedoni 1983, p. 173).
Ferrara 1474-05-17
Mantua 1539-02-13
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daughter of Ercole d'Este (I), husband of Francesco Gonzaga (II), mother of Federico II, Ercole and Ferrante Gonzaga
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