Andries de With

North Netherlandish
Utrecht (city) 1649/1650
c. 1649-1650
Amsterdam 1680-07/1680-07-16
buried 16 July 1680
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son of Jan Jansz. de With, who was 'schuytemaecker' (shipsbuilder for transport vessels on inland waterways) (Bredius 1931). On 26 September 1676 he married in Amsterdam to Anna Suermont (born c. 1647), whith whom he had two childeren: Cornelia (born 1677) and Andries (1680).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Utrecht (stad)
  • 1671
    in this year mentioned as being abroad and a minor. His previous master Johannes van der Meer was allowed to sell the c. 30 paintings that De With had left behind, to deduct the yield from the amount of money his father still owed him (Bredius 1931)
  • Rees 1672
    went in 1672 to Rees where he met Gerard Hoet I, Justus van Nijpoort and Jan van Bunnick (Houbraken). According to Houbraken De With occaionally used the help of Gerard Hoet to carry out commissions.
  • Amsterdam 1676 - 1680
  • Den Haag
    According to Hoet (in Houbraken), he had commissions in Utecht, The Hague and Amsterdam, for which he used the help (in desining) of Gerard Hoet I.
born in
active in
died in
oil paint
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