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Franciscus de le Boë Sylvius

physician, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, patron
had an important collection of 190 paintings, including eleven of Gerrit Dou and nine of Frans van Mieris I, whose patron he was, according to Houbraken; after his death, half passed into the hands of his brother Jacob de le Boë; the other half was divided among the seven children of his deceased sister Rachel Rouyer, who lived in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Stockholm and Frankenthall (Lunsingh Scheurleer/Fock/van Dissel 1998).
North Netherlandish, German
Hanau (Darmstadt) 1614-03-15
Leiden 1672-11-16
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scion of an important French-speaking family from northern France. His father fled to Germany for religious reaosons, his son François was born in Hanau (Lindeboom 1981).
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