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Lothar Franz von Schönborn (Elector)

male / German
collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, archbishop, Elector, patron
elector and archbishop of Mainz (from 1695); bisshop of Bamberg (from 1693)
Steinheim am Main (Hanau) 1655-10-04
Mainz 1729-01-30
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Son of Count Philipp Erwein von Schönborn (1607-1668) and Maria Ursula von Greiffenclau-Vollraths. He was a nephew of Johann Philipp von Schönborn, Archbishop of Mainz from 1647 until 1673, and a grand nephew of Georg Friedrich von Greiffenklau, Archbishop of Mainz from 1626 until 1629
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Aschaffenburg
    He received his first education with the Jesuits in Aschaffenburg
  • Würzburg 1665
    He was nominated canon (Domizellar) at Würzburg Cathedral and (full) canon in 1683
  • Bamberg 1667
    He was nominated canon at Bamberg Cathedral.
  • Mainz 1674
    He received a prebendary at Mainz Cathedral; in 1681 he was nominated canon
  • Noordelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1673 - 1675
    Between 1673 and 1675 he made a Grand Tour to the Northern Netherlands, France and Italy
  • Frankrijk
    Between 1673 and 1675 he made a Grand Tour to the Northern Netherlands, France and Italy
  • Italië
    Between 1673 and 1675 he made a Grand Tour to the Northern Netherlands, France and Italy
  • Bamberg 1693
    elected Bishop of Bamberg
  • Gaibach 1694 - 1712
    Castle Gaibach in Volkach became his personal home, where he stayed as often as possible and that he had decorated by well-known artists.
  • Mainz 1694
    In September 1694 he became, after a very contested election in which he competed with Franz-Ludwig von Pfalz-Neuburg (the Imperial candidate from Vienna), co-adjutor to Prince-Bischop-Elector Anselm Franz von Ingelheim of Mainz (Franz Ludwig would in 1729 however become his successor). He succeeded the Elector in 1695. As Elector he was instrumental in the election of Charles VI as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in Vienna: he crowned the Emperor in 1711 in Frankfurt-am-Main
  • Pommersfelden 1712 - 1729
    With the financial reward he received from Charles VI he had Castle Pommersfelden constructed between 1712-1718. He also had the Neue Residenz of the bishops of Bamberg constructed (1697-1703) and Lustschloss Favorite in Mainz (1700-1722)
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