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Axel Oxenstierna (graaf)

male / Swedish
politician, collector, patron
In 1632 Michiel le Blon became Oxenstierna's political and cultural agent. Le Blon was Oxenstierna's contact in Amsterdam. He bought him paintings by Torrentius and Pieter Stalpaert (Noldus 2011). In 1620 Oxenstierna contacted Pieter Isaacsz in Helsingør in order to send him paintings and to become his spy.
Uppsala (prov.) 1583-06-16
Stockholm (city) 1654-08-28
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son of Gabriel Cristersson Oxenstierna and Barbro Axelsdtr Bielke; marriage in 1608 with Anna Åkesdotter Bååt, with whom he got 12 children.
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Fiholm slott 1592 - 1599
    lived with his parents and siblings at Fiholm slott
  • Rostock 1599 - 1603
    studied with his brothers Krister and Gabriel in Rostock, Wittenberg and Jena
  • Stockholm (stad) 1603 - 1606
    in the service of duke Karl
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (deelstaat) 1606 - 1607
    went for negotiations to Mecklenburg
  • Tallinn 1609
    went for negotiatons to Reval (Tallinn)
  • Stockholm (stad) 1609 - 1617
  • Narva (Estland) 1614
    in 1614 he joined the king in Narva; acquired the barony Kimito
  • Finland 1615 - 1617
    followed the king to Sweden for the war with Russia
  • Stockholm (stad) 1617 - 1622
    from 1617-1622 Oxenstierna was back in Sweden
  • Livonië (streek) 1622 - 1623
    in 1622 he was for negotiations with Poland in Livonia, where he acquired the bishopric Wenden
  • Stockholm (stad) 1623 - 1625
    in 1623 he was back in Stockholm
  • Livonië (streek) 1625
    in 1625 he went back to Livonya as governor general of the occupied territories
  • Pruisen (hist. regio) 1626 - 1631
    from 1626-1631 he was in Prussia as governor general of the occupied territories
  • Frankfurt am Main 1632
    in January 1632 he met Gustav II Adolf at Frankfurt am Main. From here he went for a short period to Neurenberg, in charge of the troups that had to assist the royal army. On 11 November Oxenstierna received the news that the king had died.
  • Heilbronn 1633
    negotiations with the evangelical rulers
  • Stockholm (stad) 1636 - 1654
    on 14 July 1636 there was a joyous entree for Oxenstierna in Stockholm; started building activities at Tidö; in the beginning of 1640 two large new wings at Fiholm were realized; renovation of the family church at Jäder.
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