Sigismund I (koning van Polen)

male / Polish
king, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, noble
In 1533, the king ordered a large amount of tapestries in Bruges, 6 with scenes, 60 with the arms of Poland, Lithuania and Milan and 26 carpets without coats of arms. Maurits Henryck from Antwerp supervised the assignment on the spot (Szablowski 1972, p. 35)
Kozienice 1467-01-01
Kraków 1548-04-01
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Youngest son of Casimir IV and Elisabeth of Habsburg; father of Sigismund II Augustus and Catharina, wife of Johann III of Sweden; husband of Barbara Zápolya (1512-1515); 2. (in 1518) Bona Sforza
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1499 - 1548
Active in
  • Głogów (Neder-Silezië) 1499
    Duke of Glogau
  • 1504
    stadtholder of the Lausitz and lanfjord of Silesia
  • Krakau 1506 - 1548
    King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania
active in
died in
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