Sigismund II Augustus (koning van Polen)

male / Polish
king, noble, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, collector of crafts, amateur painter
collected Flemish tapestries; laid a royal collection of paintings in Wilna; collected precious carved armor and weapons of gold and silver; had a jewelery collection that was known as more beautiful than the Pope's and also painted itself (Thijssen 1992, p.199)
Kraków 1520-08-01
Knyszyn 1572-06-07
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Son of Sigismund I and Bona Sforza; husband of 1. Elisabeth of Austria (1526-1545), 2. Barbara Radziwiłł, (1520-1551) and 3. Catharina of Austria (1533-1572), the sister of his first wife Elisabeth. No issue.
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Litouwen 1529
    Grand Duke of Lithuania
  • Krakau 1530-02-20 - 1572
    crowned king of Poland. The power over Poland and Lithuania, however, he received only after the death of his father in 1548
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