Aleksander Czołowski

male / Polish, Ukrainian
archivist, historian, art collector
In his role as director of the National Museum and Historical Museum and the National Archives he saw many private collections of Polish collectors; the remains of an archive completed by Czołowski as a private collector, along with documents relating to his scientific activity, are kept in the Main Archive for Old Records (AGAD) in Warsaw (e-mail Jacek Tylicki to Sander Erkens, September 2013 )
Polish, Ukrainian
Przemysl 1865-02-27
born in Bakończycach, near Przemysl
Lviv 1944-07-17
Biographical information
Active in
  • Lviv 1884 - 1890
    studied law at the University of Lviv
  • Wenen 1884 - 1890
    studied philosophy at the University of Vienna
  • Lviv 1891 - 1905
    worked as an archivist in the Lviv Archive
  • 1892 - 1936
    organizer and director of the Lviv History Museum
  • 1905 - 1937
    director of the Lviv City Archives
  • 1907 - 1939
    organizer and director of the National Gallery of Lviv
  • 1915 - 1939
    curator Collections Museum Boleslaw Orzechowiec
  • Rusland 1916-06
  • Lviv 1917-12
active in
died in
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