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Pieter van Laer

painter, draftsman, print artist
North Netherlandish
Haarlem 1599-12/1599-12-14
baptized December 15, 1599 in Haarlem (Kurtz 1958);
date and place of death are uncertain, but defenitely after 1641 (drawing in a Haarlem song book from that year); according to a statement from the testament of his sister from 1654 there weren't any signs of life from him in the last twelve years; according to Passeri he died in the fall of 1642 (Briganti 1991, p. 58-59, note 20); according to Thieme/Becker he died on June 30, 1642
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younger brother of Roelant van Laer, older brother of Nicolaas Boddink van Laer, calligrapher (later vicar)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Haarlem 1614 - 1623
  • Frankrijk
    traveled throught France to Italy
  • Rome 1624 - 1639
    according to Briganti (1991) and Schatborn (2001) since 1625; according to Blankert (1968) in or shortly before 1625; was a close friend of Joachim von Sandrart
  • Wenen
    Van Hoogstraten 1678
  • Amsterdam 1639
    according to Briganti (read in Sandrart) he returned to Amsterdam in 1639
  • Haarlem 1641
    He made a signed and dated drawing in a Haarlem song book in 1641 (Schatborn 2011, p. 87).
  • 1641 - 1642
    according to Briganti he left for Sweden after 1641 and nothing was heard from him after 1642; according to Schatborn he left in 1642
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animal painting (genre), genre, history (as a genre), landscape (as genre), portrait, italianate, architecture (genre), peasant genre
oil paint
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