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Clemens August von Bayern - Kurfürst und Erzbischof von Köln

male / German
art collector
the collection of Clemens August was sold to auction on 14 May 1764; works by Flemish and Dutch artitst of the 17th and 18th century dominated the collection, especially works by artitst such as Jan Fyt, Rembrandt, Frans Snyders and David Teniers d.J. and the genre in hunting-still lifes; there were 70 paintings by Italian artists notably works of the 18th century, including works by Francesco Londonio, Giovanni Battista Piazetta and Rosalba Carriera; 80 works of art by German artists, with 39 paintings from the court painter Johann Matthias Schild; 16 paintings by Spanish artists including 11 paintings by Murillo and 5 paintings by Velazquez; among the buyers were numerous representatives of the court such as the Nicolaus Augustin Anton Schildgen (Privy Councilor), Friedrich Franz Adam freiherr von Breibach (Hofkammerrrat), and banker Simon Baruch, who had advised Clemens August in financial transactions, and art dealers as Cologne art dealer Pick
Brussels 1700-08-16/1700-08-18
Ehrenbreitstein (Fort) 1761-02-06
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third son of Elector Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria (1662-1714) and his wife Theresia Kunigunde (1676-1730), a daughter of the Polish king John III Sobieski (1624-1696); his uncle was Joseph Clemens, Elector and Archbishop of Cologne, Prince-Bishop of Münster, Hildesheim and Osnabrück
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