John Lavery (Sir)

male / Irish, English
painter, war artist
When World War I broke out Lavery began recording scenes at military camps, naval bases and munitions factories. He was appointed Official War Artist in 1917, assigned to the Royal Navy; one of his duties was to paint the surrender of the German Fleet at Rosyth (Fife) in 1918. (Turner et al. 1996)
Irish, English
Belfast 1856-03-20
Kilmaganny 1941-01-10
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Biographical information
Haldane Academy of Art (Glasgow)
He attended the Haldane Academy, Glasgow, in the 1870s. (Turner et al 1996)
Heatherly School of Fine Arts (Londen)
Académie Julian (Parijs)
After spending a winter term at Heatherley’s School of Art, London, he moved in 1881 to Paris where he studied at the Académie Julian. At this time he was influenced by Jules Bastien-Lepage and painted in a plein-air naturalist style.(Turner et al 1996)
Active in
  • Londen (Engeland)
  • Parijs 1881
  • Grez-sur-Loing 1881
    He was working at the village of Grez-sur-Loing with an international community of artists.(Tromans/ Kabbani 2008)
  • Glasgow (Schotland) 1885
    Lavery returned to Glasgow in 1885. At that time in Glasgow he became one of the leaders of the Glasgow Boys, a group of young painters committed to the ideals of naturalism. (Turner et al 1996)
  • Tanger
    Lavery established a studio at Tangier. (Turner et al 1996)
  • Rosyth (Schotland) 1918
  • Hollywood (Californië) 1935
    In 1935, Lavery went to Hollywood with the idea of painting portraits of the ‘stars’; however, the only result was a self-portrait with Shirley Temple (untraced).
  • Kilmaganny 1940 - 1941
    At the outbreak of World War II, he retreated to Kilmaganny, Kilkenny (County). (Turner et al 1996)
born in
active in
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genre, interior view, landscape (as genre), portrait, orientalism
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