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Pieter Cornelisz. Hooft

poet, playwright, historian, trader
'drost' of Muiden and baljuw (bailiff) of Gooiland
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1581-03-16
The Hague 1647-05-21
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son of Cornelis Pieters Hooft (1547 - 1626) and Anna Jacobsdr Blaeu (died 1627); married 1) to Christina van Erp (1591-1624) in Amsterdam on 30 November 1610; 2) to Leonora Hellemans (1595-1661) in Amsterdam on 30 November 1627
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam
  • Marseille
  • Genua
  • Padua
    Here he stayed for a month.
  • Venetië 1599
    Here he stayed three and a half month.
  • Rome 1600
    stayed for one month
  • Florence 1600
    He stayed seven months in Florence.
  • Venetië 1601
    He stayed another five months in Venice.
  • Amsterdam 1601 - 1647
    After his return, he completed his law studies in 1606 and married Christina van Erp in 1610. His appointment as Bailiff of Gooiland in 1609 gave him the opportunity to settle on the Muiderslot, of which he made an intellectual-artistic center, which was called the 'Muiderkring' in the nineteenth century. In 1615, Hooft and his wife lost their four-week-old daughter Geertruid. In 1620 their second son Arnout, who was less than two years old, died, and in 1621 they called their next son Arnout again. In 1623 their eldest son Cornelis died. In 1624, Arnout and Hooft's thirty-three-year-old wife Christina also died. Hooft's parents died in 1626 and 1627. Hooft went into a deep crisis, which ended when he concluded a second marriage in 1627, with widow Leonora Hellemans, who had two daughters. A daughter and a son were born from this marriage. He devoted his remaining years to his administrative duties and the writing of Dutch History.
  • Parijs 1609-01 - 1609-05
    Hooft stayed in Paris in the first half of 1608, before his nomination to 'drost' of Muiden.
  • Muiden 1609 - 1647
  • Den Haag 1647 - 1647-05-21
    During the funeral of Frederick Henry of Orange in The Hague-Delft on 10 May 1647, Hooft caught a severe cold and subsequently became seriously ill. He died on May 21, 1647. His grave is in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.
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