Wenzel Eusebius z Lobkowicz

male / Bohemian
art collector, diplomat
president of the Imperial War Council (since 1652), president of the Imperial Privy Council (from 1669), President of the Hofrat (since 1657)
Roudnice 1677-04-22
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Son of Zdeněk Vojtěch Popel z Lobkowicz and Polyxena Pernštejn. He was married to Johana Myšková ze Žlunic (1600–1650) on 3 November 1638. They had no children. After his wife's dead he married his second wife Auguste Sophie von Pfalz-Sulzbach (1624–1682) on 6 February 1653. They had five children: Stillborn son (1654), Ferdinand August (1655–1715), 3rd Prince of Lobkowicz, Duke of Sagan, Philipp Ferdinand Adalbert (1656–1659), Marie Hedwig Sophie (1658-1660) and Franz Wilhelm (1659–1698).
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Anselm van Hulle painted the portrait of Lobkowitz in Vienna (Mzykova 2012, p. 13)
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  • Roudnice
  • Wenen
  • Roudnice 1674 - 1677
    he was sentenced to house arrest on his estate, he lost the favour of the emperor due to his pro-French politics; it was a mild punishment and was handed down to him by Johann Adolf I Prince of Schwarzeneberg (Mzykova 2012, p. 14)
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