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Ottavio Piccolomini

male / Italian
military personnel, art collector
In 1634 he received the estate Náchod in East Bohemia; in 1638 he was made a Count of the Empire; in 1639 he was rewarded to the office of privy councillor and the dukedom of Amalfi from King Philip IV of Spain; he had a minor collection of Dutch paintings and tapestries at his castle in Náchod, Bohemia(Mzykova 2012, p. 16). He owned paintings by Jan Lievens and Gerard Seghers and commissioned the series of battles scenes to Pieter Snayers, now in the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna (Lahrkamp 1998).
Florence 1599-11-11
died after an accident (falling from his horse)
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He came from an Italian noble family, he had a younger brother Ascanio Piccolomini who was appointed as Archbishop of Siena. Octavio Piccolomini married on 4 June 1651 with Maria Benigna Francisca of Saxe-Lauenburg, daughter of Julius Henry of Saxe-Lauenburg. He had no legitimate issue, his son Josef Silvio was killed by Swedish troops in 1645 in Bohemia.
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  • 1615
    became a tercio pikeman for the Kingdom of Spain
  • Bohemen (hist. regio) 1618
    appointed captain of a cavalry regiment, sent by the Grand
  • Praag 1620
    fought at the battle of White Mountain
  • Milaan 1624
    served in the Spanish army as lieutenant-colonel
  • Wenen (stad) 1627
    became captain of the personal guard of Albrecht Wallenstein (Mzykova 2012, p. 16)
  • Ferrara 1630
    was captured and held hostage for helping in unauthorised negotiations for peace with the Swedish Empire
  • Lützen (Burgenlandkreis) 1632
    served as a colonel in the battle of Lützen
  • Hradec Králové (stad) 1633
    appointed commander of a detachment posted at Königgratz
  • Schlesien (hist. regio) 1633
    entered Silesia with the main army in an attempt to compel the electors of Brandenburg and Saxony to join the Holy Roman Empire against the Swedes; Piccolomini was with Albrecht Wallenstein
  • Nördlingen 1634
    fougt at the battle of Nördlingen
  • Thionville 1635
    fought at the battle of Thionville
  • Leipzig 1642
    Breitenfeld near Leipzig; he fought at the second battle of Breitenfeld also known as the First battle of Leipzig; Piccolomini served under Leopold Wilhelm
  • Vlaanderen (regio) 1645 - 1648
    fought at the head of the Imperial forces in Flanders and northern France (Mzykova 2012, p. 16)
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