Dominik Andreas I von Kaunitz (Count)

male / Bohemian
noble, art collector
Kaunitz was raised on January 12, 1683 in the hereditary Austrian count; since 1685 he was a secret imperial council; he was admitted in 1687 in the Order of the Golden Fleece; since 1696 he was vice-chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire; in 1698 Kaunitz commisioned a marble bust by the sculptor Jan Blommendael (1650-1707), probably he commisioned it while he acted as Imperial envoy in Holland, he purchased Dutch flower still lifes from the painters Johannes Christop Lotyn and Bowerie, who at that time were just becoming known (Mzykova 2012, p. 20)
Brünn (Südmähren) 1655
Vienna (city) 1705-01-11
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Son of Leopold Wilhelm von Kaunitz (1614-1655) and Maria Eleonore von Kaunitz (1623-1687). He married Marie Eleonore von Kauntitz (1656-1706), they had two sons: Franz Karl Joseph von Kaunitz bishop von Laibach (1676-1717), Maximilian Ulrich, Count von Kaunitz-Rietberg (1679-1746), and two daughters: Maria Eleonora von Kaunitz (1681-1723), and Maria Dominika Antonia von Kaunitz (1689-1756)
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Blommendael made a marble bust of Kaunitz
Biographical information
Active in
  • Italië 1671 - 1673
    Grand Tour through Italy
  • Besançon 1673
    attented the Nobility Academy
  • Frankrijk 1674
    he went on a journey through France
  • Brno 1676
    he became royal principal commissioner at the Diet of the Kingdom of Bohemia
  • München 1682
    he was appointed as Imperial ambassador
  • Moravië (hist. regio)
    visited Elector Maximilian II Emanuel, he and his wife were friends of the Elector
  • Wenen (stad)
    visited Elector Maximilian II Emanuel
  • Engeland 1687
    he was send to England on a diplomatic mission to include Jacob II in an alliance against Louis XIV
  • Parijs 1692
    he was a diplomat, he commisioned a portrait by the French painter Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659-1743)
born in
active in
died in
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