Friedrich Karl Schönborn-Buchheim

male / German
patron, art collector, monarch
Friedrich Karl became Dompropst at Würzburg and upon his uncle Lothar Franz' death on 30 January 1729, he succeeded as Prince-Bishop of Bamberg; on 18 May 1729 he was elected unanimously as Bishop of Würzburg. In Vienna, he left behind in his two palaces and in his country seat at Goellersdorf a collection of paintings, faiences, weapons and furniture of great cultural and art-historical significance.
Mainz 1674-03-03
Würzburg 1746
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Second son of Melchior Friedrich Count von Schönborn-Buchheim (1644-1717) and Freiin Maria Anna Sophia von Boineburg (1652-1726); nephew of Elector Lothar Franz von Schönborn (1655-1729). His older brother was his predecessor as Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, Johann PHilip Franz von Schönborn (1673-1724), his younger brother Damian Hugo Philipp von Schönborn became Prince-Bishop of Speyer and his youngest brother Franz Georg von Schönborn became Archbishop-Elector of Trier
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Aschaffenburg 1681
    studied at the jesuit school
  • Würzburg 1683 - 1685
    he became a Domher at Wurzburg and at Bamberg in 1685, he studied with his brother Johann Philipp at Würzburg
  • Mainz
    studied with his brother Johann Philipp
  • Aschaffenburg
    studied with his brother Johann Philipp
  • Rome
    studied with his brother Johann Philipp at the Collegium Germanicum a German-speaking seminary for Roman Catholic priests in Rome - founded in 1552
  • Nederland
    on his Grand Tour
  • Engeland
    on his Grand Tour
  • Frankrijk
    on his Grand Tour
  • Parijs
    He finished his studies at the Sorbonne (historical house of the former University of Paris).
  • Wenen 1703 - 1734
    His uncle Lothar Franz sent him as envoy for the Archbishopric of Mainz to the imperial court at Vienna; in 1705 he became Vice-Chancellor for Emperor Joseph I and Charles VI until 1734.
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