Landgraf Friedrich II von Hessen-Kassel

male / German
Frederick hired out so many troops to his nephew, King George III of Great Britain, for use in the American War of Independence, that "Hessian" has become an American term for all German soldiers deployed by the British in the War. Frederick used the revenue to finance his patronage of the arts and his opulent lifestyle. The architect Simon Louis du Ry transformed for Frederick II. the town of Kassel into a modern capital.
Kassel (city) 1720-08-14
Kassel (city) 1785-10-31
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Frederick was the son of William VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and his wife Dorothea Wilhelmine of Saxe-Zeitz. His paternal grandfather was Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, and his paternal uncle was Frederick I of Sweden. On 8 May 1740, by proxy in London, and on 28 June 1740 in person in Kassel, Frederick married Princess Mary, fourth daughter of King George II of Great Britain and Caroline of Ansbach. They had four sons: William (25 December 1741 – 1 July 1742),; William I, Elector of Hesse (3 June 1743 – 27 February 1821); Charles (19 December 1744 – 17 August 1836); Frederick (11 September 1747 – 20 May 1837), father of Prince William of Hesse-Kassel and grandfather of Queen Louise of Denmark. In 1755 he was formally seperated from his wife. She died in 1772, after which Frederick married Margravine Philippine, daughter of Frederick William, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt and Sophia Dorothea of Prussia. No children were born of this marriage.
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