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Karel de Stoute (hertog van Bourgondië)

prince, military personnel, patron
South Netherlandish, French
Dijon 1433-11-10
Nancy 1477-01-05
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Son of Duke Philip the Good and Isabella of Portugal; at age 7 he was married in 1440 to Catharine de France (aged 12), daughter of Charles VII, sister of Louis XI (she died in 1446); second marriage 1454 with Isabella de Bourbon (died 1465); they had one daughter, Mary of Burgundy (she inherited all the Burgundian lands before she married Maximilian I of Habsburg). Charles marrrie a third time in 1467, now with Margaret of York, no issue.
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  • Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio)
    Charles' many wars led him all over the Southern Netherlands and France
  • Nancy 1477-10-06 - 1477-01-05
    Charles' many wars led him all over the Southern Netherlands and France: he died during the siege of the city of Nancy, hsi head being split in two by a halberd and his body pierced by numorous lances; his body was so mutilated, also by wild animals, that he could only be identified by his old battle scars
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