Wilhelm V von Bayern

male / German
prince, patron
Landshut 1548-10-09
Schloss Schleissheim (München) 1626-02-07
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son of Albert V of Bavaria and Anna of Austria. Married to Renata de Lorraine. They had 10 children: 1. Christoph (died at birth), 2. Christine (died aged 9), 3. Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, 4. . Maria Anna of Austria (wife of Ferdinad II), 5. Philipp Wilhelm cardinal-bishop of Regensburg, 6. Ferdiand of Bavaria, 7. Eleonore 8. Charles (died aged 7), 9. Albert VI of Bavaria, 8. Magdalena of Bavaria (married to Wilhem von Pfalz-Neuburg)
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1579 - 1597
The Duke abdicated 15 October 1597 and retired to a monastery.
Active in
  • München
    Wilhelm was a staunch defender of the Counter Reformation and strickly supervised the belief of his subjects (he expelled all non-catholics from Bavaria). Two of his sons became high clergymen: Philipp Wilhelm cardinal-bishop of Regensburg and Ferdinand, archbishop of Cologne.
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