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Gustav II Adolf

male / Swedish
king, military personnel, patron
Stockholm 1594-10-30
born at Castle Tre Kronor
Lützen (Burgenlandkreis) 1632-11-06
During the mêlée on the battle field at Lützen the king got seperated from his army and after receiving mutiple gunshot and stab wounds, died behind enemy lines. His partly stripped body was found an hour or two later, and was secretly evacuated from the field in a Swedish artillery wagon.
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son of Charles IX Vasa (king of Sweden) and Christina of Holstein-Gottorp; married to Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg; father of Gustav of Vasaborg and Christina (Queen Christina of Sweden)
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  • Stockholm
    The king was the leader of the Swedish army in three wars: (border) war with Russia and Denmark, and finally the Thirty Years War. During this last war he was almost continually in Germany, where he finally fell in the Battle of Lützen.
  • Lützen (Burgenlandkreis) 1631-11
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