Jan Frans Legillon

painter, draftsman, court painter
he became a court painter in paris in 1789 (!)
South Netherlandish
Brugge 1739-09-01
he was christened on September 3, in the church of St. Gillis; his godparents were an uncle and aunt, Jean Philippe Legillon and Anne Marie Thérèse de l'Espée ( the same godmother as J.Ch. Verbrugge) (Weale 1861)
Paris 1797-11-23
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son of Pierre Legillon (member of an aristocratic family from French descent, died 1751) and Marie Thérèse de l'Espée. (Weale 1861)
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Biographical information
Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Brugge)
after his father's death, his mother enlisted him in the Academy, aged 12, as he showed a very precocious talent for drawing (Weale 1861)
Académie de Peinture et de Sculpture (Marseille)
August 1769-1770
Active in
  • Brugge 1751 - 1760
    His school days were spent with the Jesuits
  • Rouen 1760-05 - 1766-11
    He was sent to Rouen to study French literature and to follow drawing lessons with Jean Baptiste Descamps ; at the end of 1762, he returned to Bruges, but returned to Rouen in July 1763. due to to o intens study and rawing, he developed a weakness with his eyes, which obliged him to return to Bruges in November 1766. In these days he started experiments to sketch with oil paint, but being dissatisfied with the result, he went back exclusively to sketching with pencil (Weale 1861)
  • Parijs 1768-05 - 1768-08
    study trip
  • Toulouse 1768-09
    visiting the south of France to regain his health and his eye-sight
  • Marseille 1769-08 - 1770
    visiting the south of France to regain his health and his eye-sight; after August 1769 he visted the lessons at the Marseille Academy
  • Civitavecchia 1770-09-15 - 1770-09-30
  • Rome 1770-09-30 - 1772-04
  • Italië 1772-04 - 1774
    returned in a leisurely way from Rome to Bruges, by way of Paris
  • Brugge 1774 - 1776
  • Parijs 1776
    he returned to paris on and off all his life, staying for a few month: otherwise he neede dto be in Bruges for his pupils; he returned to Paris in 1779 and went on a trip to Switzerland subsequently
  • Fribourg (Zwitserland) 1779 - 1780-08
    mainly studying animals and painting some landscapes on the spot
  • Brugge 1780-09 - 1782
  • Parijs 1782 - 1797-11-23
    After 1782 he settled permanently in Paris, spending his summers in the woods of Fontainebleau; in May 1789 he became a member of the Académy royale de France and became the tille peintre du Roy'; he frequently roamed around in the environments of Paris: one day returning he fell violently ill and, after a short sick bed, died on November 23, 1797
  • Fontainebleau
    sketching in the woods during the summers of 1783-1786
  • Normandie (regio) 1787
    summer holidays were now also spent in Normandy, especially around Fécamp
  • Fécamp 1787
    summer holidays were now also spent in Normandy, especially around Fécamp
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landscape (as genre), portrait, animal painting (genre)
He made thousands of drawings during his life, while his oil paintings and sketches are very rare
oil paint
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