John Frederick Lewis (1805-1876)

male / English
engraver (printmaker), painter, watercolorist, lithographer, art collector
Lewis collected oriental costumes and art objects. Together with the (almost 600) drawings and watercolors he made in Egypt from 1841-1851, these formed the basis for the paintings of desert camps, harem interiors and mosques that he made back in London. Worked with watercolors since the 1830s, but moved back to oil painting from the late 1950s in the hope of making more money, and on the advice of John Ruskin. (Tromans / Kabbani 2008)
London (England) 1805-07-14
Walton-on-Thames 1876-08-15/1876
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eldest son and pupil of Frederick Christian Lewis (I) and cousin of George Robert Lewis
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animal painting (genre), genre, landscape (as genre), italianate, orientalism, cityscape
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