Pieter Rixtel

poet, playwright, lawyer
also worked as an accountant
North Netherlandish
Haarlem (city) 1643
Haarlem (city) 1673-03-10
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son of Jan Jansz Rixtel and Francijntje Jacobs de Wael. He married in Amsterdam on 3 February 1663 to Christina Mooij.
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  • Amsterdam (stad) 1662 - 1664
    He contributed to the poetry collection 'de Parnassus aan 't IJ' (1663) written by the circle around Jan Soet. This didn't stop him for having acrimonious and little uplifting rants with this group, which found its reflexion in hateful grave poems by Jan Soet (Uitsteekenste Digtkunstige Werkken, Amsterdam 1675). The violence of these fights was also in contrast with his mennonite beliefs. His play 'treur-blyeindend Spel’ Grooten Robbert was performed in the Amsterdam Schouwburg (1672).
  • Purmerend (plaats) 1664 - 1667
    worked here as a lawyer
  • Haarlem (stad) 1667 - 1673
    worked here also as a lawyer; was a member of the chamber of rethorics 'De Wyngaertrancken'
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