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Ludolf Smids

poet, physician, translator
His most important litterary, scientific and historical works are listed by van der Aa 1852-1878. He is still best known for his translation of Ovid's 'Metamorphosis' in 1700 and his 'Schatkamer der Nederlandsche Oudheden'.
North Netherlandish
Groningen (city) 1649-07-13
Amsterdam (city) 1720-03-07
buried in the Westerkerk on 12 March 1720 (City Archive Amsterdam)
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Son of Casper Jansen Smids and Maria Sevenstern. Married 1) in Groningen on 20 February 1674 to Maria Tinghe (died 1682) and 2) in Groningen on 22 March 1684 to Anna Hamilton de Groot (died 1727), father of Koenradus Smids (1678-1714)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Groningen (stad) 1649
  • Antwerpen (stad) 1665
    As a young orphan he was first sent to school in Antwerp.
  • Westfalen 1667 - 1670
    Finished his schooling at a monastic school in Westphalia till 1670
  • Leiden (stad) 1670 - 1673
    studied medicine in Leiden
  • Groningen (stad) 1673 - 1685
    Marriage and pratice as a doctor. His marriage to the Protestant Anna Hamilton de Groot and his conversion to the Reformed religion led to irreconcilable problems with his family members, for which he fled to Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1685 - 1720
    He never really practised as a doctor here but dedicated himself to the study of history, antiquities, numismatica and the sciences. After a visit to the inn 'De Keizerskroon' to meet with some friends, he fell from the stairs and died several days later on 7 May 1720.
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