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Johannes Lingelbach

painter, staffage painter
North Netherlandish, German
Frankfurt am Main 1622-10/1622-10-10
baptized 10 October 1622
Amsterdam 1674-10/1674-11-03
buried 3 November 1674
Family relationships
this field records any family relationship to one or more other artist(s).
banns of marriage 26 April 1653 in Amsterdam with Tietje Hendrix Poussi/Bus(s)i of Amsterdam; on 10 November 1663 they both made their will to each other (De Vries 1885)
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In this field, you will find references to names of groups or to the artists that made/make up groups. You may also come across references to other artists if there was/is question of collaboration without a joint name. This is the case, for instance, with artists who rendered parts of works by other artists (such as with P.P Rubens and J. Brueghel I).
painted staffage in the landscapes of Abraham Beerstraten, Jan Hackaert, Willem de Heusch, Meindert Hobbema, Jan van Kessel, Phillips Koninck, Jan Wijnants and others (Thieme/Becker 1907-1950); for Beerstraten and Verboom see also Van der Veen 2019
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1634 - 1641
    came to Amsterdam with his parents in 1634
  • Parijs 1642 - 1644
  • Lyon 1644
  • Genua 1644
  • Livorno 1644
  • Rome 1644 - 1650
    Together with his very good friend Jan Worst in Rome (Houbraken 1719, p. 147).
  • Napels
    Porzio/Van der Sman 2018-2019, p. 56-57
  • Frankfurt am Main 1653
    Scheltema 1853; 8th of May (1650),on a Sunday, he undertook his return journey though Germany and arrived in Amsterdam in good health in June (Houbraken 1719, p.145).
  • Amsterdam 1653 - 1674
    'coming from Frankfurt'; he got citizenship through his wife on 31 October 1653 (Scheltema 1853); Jan Blom sold his house in the Reestraat to him, 18 September 1662 (Obreen vol. 5 (1882-1883), p. 11)
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This field specifies the various subject categories or genres that constitute the oeuvre of the artist in question. The contents of this field are generally based more on the documentation available at the RKD than on the literature.
genre, history (as a genre), italianate, equestrian painting, cityscape, landscape (as genre), beach scene, portrait, marine (as genre), architecture (genre)
oil paint
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