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Peter van Lint

painter, draftsman, court painter
According to De Bie 1662, he presented paintings to the King of Denmark (RKDimages 232956 and 232958).
South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1609-06/1609-06-28
baptized 28 June 1609 (Antwerp 1857/1863, p. 254)
Antwerp 1690-09/1690-09-25
buried 25 September 1690 (Antwerp 1857/1863, p. 255); his death duties were met between 18 September 1690 and 18 September 1691 (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961)
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Peter van Lint got married to Elisabeth Willemyns in Antwerp in 1643. Together they had seven children. When Elisabeth died on 24 May 1679 however, only one son named Balthasar seems to have been still alive, as he is the only child mentioned in the probate inventory. Van Lint got married for the second time on 21 August 1680 to Anna Moeren (Moren) van Neerlinter; the marriage contract was validated on 10 September 1680, also in Antwerp (Duverger 2001)
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  • Antwerpen 1619 - 1632
    apprentice in the Guild of St. Luke, Antwerp in 1619; master between 18 September 1632 and 18 September 1633 (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961); probably left already for Italy in 1632
  • Rome 1633 - 1641
    c. 1633-1641; worked for Cardinal Domenico Ginnasio, Bishop of Ostia
  • Parijs 1641
    Bodart 1970, p. 148-149: contact with Poussin
  • Antwerpen 1642 - 1690
    As off the 1660s, van Lint became for Mathys Musson the most important painter of paintings for the Spanish market (Denucée 1949, p. xcvii-xcviii)
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Christian religious scene, history (as a genre), mythology, portrait, animal painting (genre), architecture (genre)
oil paint
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