Stefan Lochner

male / German
Hagnau am Bodensee 1404/1415
born c. 1400 (AKLONLINE February 2018)
Keulen 1452-01-07
†1451 (between 22. 9. u. 24. 12.) (AKLONLINE February 2018)
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1442 - 1451
op. 1442-m.1451 (Witt Checklist 1978)
Active in
  • Keulen 1444-10-18
    The first written document about the origin Stefan Lochner took place in Cologne on 18 October 1444: "master Steffan loechener of Constanz meyler". On September 12, 1448 was again reported in Cologne van "Steffain Lochener of Costinz meylre".
  • Konstanz
    Nevertheless, the search for Stefan Lochner in Konstanz documents and documents has been unsuccessful. A relatively contemporary surname Lochner seems to occur only twice in Konstanz.
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Christian religious scene
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