Isaack Luttichuys

North Netherlandish
London (England) 1616-02/1616-02-25
Baptized on 25 February 1616 (Willigen/Meijer 2003)
Amsterdam 1673-02/1673-03-06
Buried on 6 March 1673 (Willigen/Meijer 2003)
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Brother of Simon Luttichuys. He married on April 3, 1643, after his return from London, in Amsterdam with Elisabeth Adolfs Winck or Wenck. (Ecartico). They had one daughter, Cornelia, who was baptized on 8 March 1644 and a son, Isaack, who was buried on 5 August 1645. His mother was buried in the Westerkerk on 19 August 1645. On 21 March 1646 Isaack posted banns with sara Grebert (Ecartico) or Grabey (Willigen/Meijer) . In total they would have five children baptized or buried in the Westerkerk: a first child on 21 April 1647, a son Isaack on April 19, 1648, Magdalena 9 May 1649, Catharina on 27 October 1650 and on October 27, 1650, another son called Isaack was buried. Sara died in the autumn of 1657 and was buried in the Westerkerk on 15 October 1657 (De Vries 1885 and Ebert 2009, p. 56)
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  • Amsterdam 1638 - 1673
    First mentioned in 1638, which is also the year of his first dated portrait (Ebert 2009, Is. A1) According to Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 134, a portrait dated 1636 is known, but in the literature and the documentation in the RKD no trace of this portrait can be found. His first address in Amsterdam was 1638 the Lauriergracht In later life he lived on the Singel (Ebert 2009, p. 55)
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portrait, fruit piece, vanitas
oil paint
Foutief ook Isaack Lustichuijs
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