Ádám Mányoki

male / Hungarian
painter, court painter
in the service of Prince Franz II Rákóczi and later court painter of August the Strong
Szokolya (Hungary) 1673
Dresden 1756-08/1756-08-06
buried on 6 August 1756
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Celle
    first training
  • Lüneburg
    as a pupil of Andreas Scheits
  • Salzdahlum
    copied many paintings in Schloss Salzdahlum, a.o. Nicolas de Largilière and Rembrandt
  • Hamburg
  • Hannover
    studied by Andreas Scheits
  • Berlin 1703 - 1707
    in the service of the Prussian court
  • Boedapest 1707
    in the service of Prince Franz II Rákóczi, whom he had met at the court in Berlin
  • Noordelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1709 - 1710
    sent by Prince Franz II Rákóczi on a diplomatic mission to Holland, where he also studied art (Saur 2015)
  • Berlin 1710
  • Danzig (hist.) 1711
    went with Rákóczi in exile to Danzig
  • Warschau 1711 - 1713
    followed Prince Franz II Rákóczi to Poland; he painted the portrait of King August II in 1717, appointed as court painter. Sent by August the Strong to Dresden, Berlin and Dessau to make portraits
  • Dresden 1713
  • Berlin
  • Dessau (Saksen-Anhalt) 1714
  • Leipzig 1718
  • Wenen 1723
  • Boedapest 1724 - 1731
  • Dresden 1731
    worked alternately in Dresden and Leipzig until his death; became court painter for August III; he resigned the post in 1753 over a quarrel about unpaid salary
  • Leipzig
  • Dresden 1756
    Died completely destitute, after squandering his fortune on alchemy
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