Gabriel Cornelius Max (Ritter von)

male / German, Czech
German, Czech
Prague 1840-08-23
München 1915-11-24
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Son of the sculptor Joseph Max and his wife Anna
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Active in
  • Praag 1855 - 1859
    Study at the Academy under Eduard von Engerth
  • Wenen 1859 - 1863
    Study at the Academy
  • München 1863 - 1915
    1863/1867 study at the Academy with von Piloty, together with Hans Makart and Franz von Defregger; in 1869 he opens his own studio in Munich; 1879-183 professor at the Academy; in 1900 he is ennobled ('von' Max)
  • Artis (Amsterdam) 1875
    animal studies in the Zoo
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animal painting (genre), history (as a genre), portrait, Christian religious scene
Member of
  • Natura Artis Magistra (Amsterdam)
    In 1875 schonk hij een in Artis geschilderd werk (zie RKDimages) aan de vereniging. Als dank hiervoor werd hij tot honorair lid van het Genootschap benoemd werd.
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